Friday, 21 November 2008


In the beautiful little town of ashtead, something hideous, something so deliciously evil has vanquished the tranquillity and shattered the peace. First, it violently took the life of a young girl, leaving her mangled remains rotting on the street, her echoed screams cursing the night skies. Next, it moved its attention to teenagers, ripping and tearing them apart as they walk unexpectingly home from school.

.Then, just when they thought it was safe to walk the streets, it struck again, mercilessly rampaging in the school and attacking the teachers and students.

Now, something must be done, before it returns to feed. With the new term starting and students returning to school. It’s up to Police Chief Crow, animal physiologist Hannah and school teacher Sam Cornelius to hunt down the creature and put an end to the bloodshed. They are going to need a bigger cat box.

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