Friday, 13 February 2009

Paws - Opening


rach said...

sophie its soooooooo good!!!!
v embarrassing :P hehe
love the soundtrack!!

Kat Leigh said...

WOW....Sophie thats amazing..
well done

Zoƫ Benjafield said...

OMG thats genius, i love all the differnt shots you used and how the shots were edited together!

Rachel, Lucy, Nikki and Helen said...

Sophie this is very good - especially your music which set the mood of the film
. The fading shots also add to the mood. We liked your canted shots - they keep your shots varied and interesting.

The only improvement we could think of was that when Rachel and Lucy were talking you could have used shot reverse so that you could see them talking and their facial expressions.

Well done ! Please may you comment on our film on our blog ! Thank you!

Emo Guy said...

This is great sophie.
awesome filming.

Luke Brough said...

great film!
love the music! where'd you get that song from? ;)
the camera work in the woods is fantastic and really keeps an heir of mystery.